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If you live in the UK and want laser teeth whitening – you too can have a radiant Hollywood style smile! Once upon a time the only people who had perfect white teeth were movies stars, models and those fortunate enough to have exceptionally healthy teeth. The reality for most is that over the years our teeth become tarnished by wear and tear and by consuming food and beverages that cause staining.t is no accident that Hollywood starts have great teeth. As it is a given that their appearance has to be faultless to appear in movies, many will probably have spent a fortune on expensive in-plants and veneers.Those in the public eye are aware how bright teeth and a good smile can build confidence – in themselves and in others. Once, in order to have radiantly white teeth meant spending a fortune on extensive dentistry. But, because of advances in laser technology it is now possible for almost anyone to have sparkling white teeth and a dazzling movie-star smile. Teeth whitening is now available to you and can remove the staining from discoloured teeth – painlessly, safely, inexpensively and without the need to go to a dentist.

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Tooth whitening Pro

  • 60 Minute whitening
  • Instant guaranteed results
  • No pain – safe treatment
  • long lasting results – up to 2 years

With guaranteed results, following your FREE laser teeth whitening consultancy prior to your treatment, it takes only one appointment of less than an hour to return your teeth to their original colour.

Affordable treatment

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White teeth are important for a good smile which is why I couldn’t handle my pale teeth and rushed to tooth whitening pros. Now I have teeth as bright as diamonds.
  • Fast, safe, painless treatment without the need for injections
  • Low/no sensitivity
  • Treatments available locally
  • FREE consultancy prior to whitening
  • Guaranteed results from just one – 60 minute treatment
  • Convenient appointments – early, late or at weekends
  • Instant results that provide long lasting whiteness
  • Low cost
  • Long Lasting whitening results.