If your teeth are white and bright, then you can make a good first impression and will also makes you look younger. Your self confidence will also boost up if you have great set of teeth. There are some tips for you to maintain healthy and teeth whitening in  , which will also give you a bright smile:

1.Colouring of food is important: You need to cut back the consumption of the dark drinks like red wine, coffee, black tea or cola. If you can’t live without these drinks, then always keep a handy straw to drink such dark drinks, this will not allow a direct contact with your white teeth.

2.The items you eat affects your teeth: Food items like soy sauce, acidic foods and ketchup can harm the colour of your teeth. You can eat nuts,grains and vegetables, but try to avoid these acidic items.

3.Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly: Bacteria is the main reason behind the stains on your teeth and other teeth problems. If you want to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, then you need to brush them regularly.

4.Follow the right way to brush: Don’t be too harsh with your teeth and brush in a very gentle way. Spend at least 2 minutes on brushing and use a soft bristled tooth brush. Cleaning your tongue is also essential for a healthy mouth, for about 30 seconds scrub your tongue gently with a tongue cleaner or with your brush.

5.Use baking soda for whiter teeth: Baking soda is a very easy to use and a very effective ingredient for white and bright teeth. You can mix it with your paste, and just brush your teeth like you do generally. Try it once a week for better results.

6.Why not use a Whitening Kit?: Many good solutions are present in the market and you can find the right one for you. It is a very easy to perform kit and very simple and quick.

7.Follow a healthy and a balanced diet: Take right amount of calcium, and your body can absorb calcium only if there is ample amount of vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D can be gained if you are taking food and ample amount of sun light.

So, follow these tips and enjoy healthy gums and teeth, and thus good oral health.