Tooth Whitening Pros Coventry | 1hour Instant | Instant | Up 10 Shades Whiter

Tooth Whitening pro – A brighter smile in 60 minutes Come to our clinic in Coventry or call 03333 440 225 to have our specialists visit you in the comfort of your own home. Have years of smoking turned your teeth yellow? Drinking too much coffee put a dent in your smile? Stop being embarrased about it – now you have a fast and easy solution at your local clinic. Get the dazzling smile to go with your dazzling personality. Not only will you look years younger, but you will also feel more confident and attractive. This opportunity can’t be missed! The latest technology in laser teeth whitening is now available for the best price. Let your teeth shine up up 12 shades lighter with our new, pain free treatment. Brighten your smile in just 60 minutes – immediate results guaranteed!

Come to our Coventry clinic and discover:

  • A brighter smile guaranteed – up to 12 shades lighter!
  • results visible immediately – no need to wait overnight.
  • full treatment in just one 60-minute session.
  • low or no sensitivity, absolutely pain free!
  • fast and flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends.


You can also visit our clinics in Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton and Worcester. Or have our certified specialists visit you at home! Hear what our customers have to say about us: “I quit smoking a year, took up jogging ago and started feeling healthier immediately. But there was one thing that kept bothering me – my yellow teeth. I tried other methods but none of them left me quite satisfied. Then a friend recommended I try Tooth Whitening pro, and I’m glad I did. Now I don’t have to hide my smile anymore!” Henry from Wolverhampton “I’ve always had really sensitive teeth, I can’t drink my coffee too hot or my water too cold.

I tried other treatments but they were all too painful. When I heard about laser treatments I was sceptical, but I tried it and I was happily surprised. It was completely painless, and really fast too. And not only that, now my friends and colleagues won’t stop complimenting my smile. That makes me want to smile even more!” Joyce from Dudley Now you too can benefit from our pain free, one hour treatment. Get back the bright smile you used to have and regain your confidence. Results guaranteed!


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