Enlighten vs Laser teeth whitening

Quite some ads are being pedalled on teeth whitening and may confuse one on the best option available. Laser teeth whitening is new in the market and has quite a lot of hype surrounding it.

How laser teeth whitening works in comparison to enlightening teeth whitening trays .
In contrary to the notion that lasers themselves do remove the dirt from your teeth, the laser doesn’t do the cleaning, but dentist has to apply a peroxide paste. Some of this include but not limited to carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The laser is used to heat up this gel and thus a faster release of oxygen which dissolves through the enamel. On the other hand with the whitening trays, the peroxide releases oxygen that seeps through the enamel (outer layer of the tooth) and hence break down the stains

Enlighten teeth whitening


  • One is guaranteed to lighten their teeth to up to sixteen shades with minimal potential damage to your teeth or gum.
  • One has the freedom to do a ‘top up’ afterwards at home whenever you want. You just need to buy a mouth guard and gel which then you are required to sleep with over a couple of nights and your teeth will regain their white colour.
  • The effects are durable almost 1-2 years with regular daily brushing. This is impressive as the client just needs to maintain their teeth through brushing and flossing to prevent cavity build up.
  • It cost close to ninety percent cheaper in comparison to laser teeth whitening which makes it quite attractive to budget cautious clients hence mostly preferred method as the results equal those of laser treatment procedure.


  • It takes quite a lot of time to see tangible results; this is on average two weeks. The slow progress may cause some patients to give up in the process.
  • It may interfere with sleeping patterns as one is required to sleep with the trays which may be distressing to some patients.
  • One needs to undergo a final laser treatment to seal in the bright white shade.
  • There is sensitivity, and one is provided with anti-sensitivity toothpaste to aid with the process which is supposed to minimise the pain.
  • One can’t take drinks such as black coffee, red wine or any food with strong colours during the period of treatment. Some clients may find this disturbing as they may feel restrained from taking their favourite dinks or meal.

Laser teeth whitening


  • Change is almost instant as it’s immediately visible than any other treatment with multiple sessions of roughly thirty minutes. It’s also the best dental tool to achieve good results in a few seconds.
  • Takes quite a short time for the procedure hence quite convenient to the client.
  • One requires paying only one visit to the dentist hence suitable for people who have a busy schedule.
  • You can have it done at home no need for multiple visits to the dentist.


  • One major challenge in this treatment is that it may cause sensitivity where people show sensitivity towards the laser but this might only last 6-18 hours afterwards.

Awesome Service

Lot had been said about the laser procedure, but I was quite nervous to try one. I was amazed to see how painless the procedure was, also it took just an hour to complete the procedure.


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