Improving my self esteem

It’s really hard to meet people when you are always ashamed of your own smile. Ever since middle school, I’ve felt like an outsider, ever since a school friend teased me in the playground about my yellow teeth in front of my crush, who just laughed and sneered at me.That’s when the bulling started. The kids had found an easy target to torment: me. And I, well I just grew a hard shell around me but I couldn’t escape the echoes of their taunts inside. I have never been comfortable about my own smile since then.

When I talked to people, when I ordered coffee at the local bistro, when I went for job interviews, I always covered by mouth with my hand before smiling or speaking. So as a result, I never got a job because they thought I had something to hide.

I did have something to hide. Myself. But they never understood the painful world that I lived in. I walked on splinters every day, holding my breath, and relief would come only in my dark solitary room at night when no one could see me while I ate my ice cream sadly.

I always thought that I could never find anyone to love me for me. No one bothered to look at the girl with the broken smile. No one stopped to see what was inside. I was alone, cold, dark, repressed, depressed and forgotten. All because of my yellow teeth and the teasing and dirty looks that came with it.

Life was very hard, indeed. Even my therapist thought I was just being melodramatic. Then she recommended Tooth Whitening Pros to me and told me that if my yellow teeth really make me so conscious, then I should just get them whitened by professionals.

So I did. And guess what? Life is so different now. I can smile and laugh without feeling ugly. I have a boyfriend who loves me very much and my Facebook Profile Picture is not that of a cute quote any more: it’s my face. My smiling, laughing, beautiful face.

I’ve stopped going to therapy and really started to use all my skills that I acquired in life to get up and do something. I meet more people now and am behaving in a more socially acceptable manner as well. My mother says she is finally proud of me.

As for my job, with my great tracking skills, I became a police officer. It’s a desk job but it works. My boyfriend and I plan to visit the Bahamas very soon. Incidentally, that’s where Sarah lives and something tells me she’s going to have a bad accident soon.

TAKE ACTION TODAY and get your teeth whitened to enhance your smile in just one as this will increase and improve your self esteem.


Great work

Friendly staff who understands your problem to the core and make your smile beautiful as Nina Dobrev’s. I gained the confidence to smile because of Tooth Whitening Pros.


Good Job Guys

In under an hour my teeth were transformed from yellowish to crystal white. The process was painless and the results exceeded my expectations.

– Wood

Excellent Job

My teeth were really dirty so, I went for tooth whitening pros and even after 6 months my teeth still looks crystal clear.

– Johnson

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