Laser Teeth Whitening in Oxford


Many people in the UK find themselves with discoloured and brown teeth, caused by overuse of coffee, tea or smoking. The stains embed themselves in between the enamel, making brushing ineffective for restoring teeth to their original colour. There are many treatments available to whiten teeth, from veneers to replacing teeth with false porcelain caps. These treatments can be expensive and time consuming, and require visits to the dentists.

Luckily, laser teeth whitening has been shown to be effective at removing stains quickly and effectively. Laser teeth whitening uses directed light in the form of lasers to dislodge the staining agents without damaging the enamel and takes about an hour to restore teeth to their original whiteness. There is no need for dentist appointments, expensive treatments or scary surgeries and the procedure is completely painless. Many clients find that teeth whitening makes them look and feel younger, and have increased self-confidence.

The advantages of teeth whitening are many:

– Quick: The procedure takes only 60 minutes making it easy to slot into a lunchtime appointment that will change the way you feel and look

– Flexible: We are willing to accommodate customers by having flexible hours. If you can’t make it during the day, we are willing to work after business hours or even on weekends

– Cheap: The procedure is much cheaper than veneers or alternative whitening techniques, and lasts for a long time.

– Relaxing: Our service and ambiance are all focused on making your experience with us as relaxing and stress-free as possible. You will feel so much more confident after your teeth whitening that you will find yourself de-stressed and ready to face the world with a new shining white smile.

Our clinics provide specialised teeth whitening services that can result in your teeth being up to 12 shades lighter in just under an hour. Our consultants are deeply experienced and have specialised in the process and will discuss the procedure and results with you, so that you have know what to expect. We guarantee that your teeth will be whiter, but not more sensitive and we are willing to perform the procedure even on weekends or after work hours.

We have many clinics all over the country, and are situated in Oxford. So if you’re in Oxford or Kensington, and want a new lease on life, consider booking a teeth whitening appointment with us today.


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