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If you want to have a WHITER revitalised smile that will increase your self-confidence then you need to look no further than Pro Tooth Whitening.

Maybe it’s for a job interview or about to get married or going on a new date for the first time – perhaps on a first date – you will want your smile to make a lasting impression.

It goes without saying that you will wear your best clothes and have your hair done – but what about your teeth?

Tooth Whitening Pros – Laser Teeth Whitening Prices – May 2020

Laser teeth whitening offers a cost-effective way of returning your teeth back to their original colour and up to 12 shades whiter.

With laser teeth whitening there is no longer a need to spend a lot of money on costly cosmetic dentistry such as veneers and crowns when Pro Tooth Whitening’s fully trained consultants can help remove years of staining and discolouration in one quick appointment.

We guarantee the results for everyone and will show you on the Vita shade prior to the treatment how white we would expect the teeth to look once the treatment is complete.

Our service and teeth whitening system offer fantastic value and we are confident this is the best price you will find for the service.


Teeth whitening prices

Great deals for May 2020
Laser teeth whitening price list

We only undertake the treatments at your home

Single Person Normal price £219.00 This month only £179.00
Two People Normal price £438.00 This month only £320 or £160 per person

ALL INCLUSIVE of pre-consultation, full Laser teeth whitening treatment and VAT.

Need it done again? – for existing clients, we offer a top-up service for just £139 meaning you can keep you white for longer without paying the full cost.

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Good Job Guys

I have always been short of confidence because of yellow teeth. One of my friends brought me here and I got white teeth in just one hour. It eels amazing.


Excellent Job

I am very conscious about my teeth and I have tried many procedures to whiten them and none gave me the result I got from whitening the teeth at Tooth whitening pros.



At first, I wasn’t sure about after effects of teeth whitening. Then I came across Tooth whitening pros clinic and it changed my opinion forever. Superb Tooth whitening pros.