Tobacco is one of the primary causes of discolored teeth. It is known. As a smoker who has been smoking a packet a day since I was 18, I had no idea how this simple fact could change my life. Everybody knows all the risks that come with smoking, and I too was aware of them.However, like millions of people around the world, it was a habit I did not want to give up. Through college, I never really thought about the negative side effects, even though I could see the evidence of yellowing teeth every time I looked in the mirror. It was only once my girlfriend pointedout how much she hated my teeth that I realized the problem.

My girlfriend is not a smoker and though she did not mind me smoking, she did not like some of the side effects. I found her getting more and more distant, and eventually, when I asked what the issue was, her response was that my ‘personal hygiene’ was a big turn off. As someone who is very stringent about hygiene, I was extremely taken aback. Finally she admitted that it was actually my ugly, discolored teeth which she really didn’t like, and which she felt really detracted from my appearance.

This experience completely changed me and I immediately lost a lot of my confidence. I felt that I couldn’t even smile without feeling judged and at the same time, I couldn’t bear to give up smoking completely either. I loved my girlfriend and she loved me, but the sight of my discolored teeth was understandably making her very unhappy.

The solution that saved me was the teeth whitening service at Tooth Whitening Pros. I had heard good things about them from my friends who had visited them earlier, so I decided to give it a try. I had many apprehensions and worries; after all, as a smoker, would it really make any difference if I got this procedure? Would it be safe? Would it make a difference to my appearance, permanently?

The people at Tooth Whitening Pros were extremely friendly and helpful. They were able to give me all the necessary knowledge about how this procedure works and how it can benefit smokers. There were certain rules in place, such as the fact that you cannot smoke for a few hours, sometimes even longer, after getting the whitening done and the fact that eventually, discoloring is bound to happen again if smoking continues. Regular whitening sessions every few months would be required if I wished to keep up a clean smile whilst still smoking.

Nevertheless, the whitening made a huge difference to my teeth. I could now flaunt my beautiful and healthy smile with élan. They also gave me some special pastes, mouthwash and advice about brushing techniques to ensure that my teeth remain white and sparkling as long as possible. Getting this procedure done was one of the best decisions I ever made. It has made me a more confident person and helped to alleviate one of the worst side effects of smoking!

ARE YOU A SMOKER and fed up with YELLOW teeth?

Excellent Service

The service is amazing, the process is professionals and these people at tooth whitening pros are doing an amazing job at helping people regain their lost confidence. 5 stars to their service.

-David Watson

Good Job

It’s been a year since I went through teeth whitening treatment and still, my teeth look wonderful. I recommend this procedure to everybody who wants beautiful teeth.

– Mitchell

Awesome Service

I have been a regular customer of Tooth whitening pros and when my brother asked me a place to get perfect teeth, I immediately recommended him about this service. Now, he can’t stop flaunting his smile.

– Watson

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