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Coffee and tea are both common beverages that are drunk by people around the world. They have become an accepted part of life, but few people realize that regular consumption of these two beverages can actually have a really negative effect on your teeth. They both contain the ingredient ‘tannin acid’ which scrapes the teeth enamel away and leaves discolorations behind.I’m a major coffee addict and I really cannot imagine my life without caffeine. I have at least 5-6 cups of coffee a day, and when there are major deadlines at work, I might reach a much higher number! I never really thought twice about the relationship between my consumption of coffee and the state of my teeth.

Eventually, like many people who drink these beverages on a regular basis, I found that my teeth had become discolored and this was really affecting my appearance. I used different types of pastes, flosses and brushing techniques, and I even tried to change the way I consumed by coffee (cold instead of hot, sipping it through the straw and so on) but all of this really didn’t work that well. The damage was too deep to be repaired by such small measures. This is when I decided to try out Tooth Whitening Pros treatment to give my teeth that even, white look which I so desired.

I decided to get this procedure done along with my friend, who also had a similar problem. The process itself is quite simple, quick and safe, so there was nothing to worry about on that front. However, like with any other dental procedure, there are certain precautions which are recommended by the experts to ensure that you get the best out of that process.

For instance, I was told to avoid coffee and/or tea for at least 48 hours after getting the whitening process done. Obviously, the results would last the longest if I avoided consuming too much coffee on a daily basis. However the really wonderful thing was that even if I continued my coffee intake at the same level, the procedure would last quite a long time. And if the discoloration crept in again (after a year or two), I could always have the option to get the procedure done again.

The procedure was absolutely worth it. I instantly had really beautiful looking white teeth without the discoloration I had become used to seeing. Both my friend and I emerged with the perfect smiles of our dreams. I was naturally anxious to hold on to this look as long as possible and to that end I asked for advice about what kind of products and techniques I could use to keep the discoloration away. The experts at Tooth Whitening Pros were very helpful and gave me some useful tips about how to maintain the white teeth for as long as possible, even while consuming copious amounts of coffee!


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I am a regular visitor and I take the laser whitening treatment thrice a year. It is always satisfying and never showed any adverse effect.


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I wanted to do modeling but because of my teeth I was rejected many times and then I opted for tooth whitening pros. I got white teeth and my first modeling assignment.

– Wilson


I was a confident man, but my smoking habit had turned my teeth into yellowish colour and I began to lose my confidence. Thanks to Tooth whitening pros I regained my white teeth along with my confidence.

– Lewis

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