Teeth Young White and Healthy

All You Need To Keep Your Teeth Young White and Healthy

You probably envy those models that flash their pearly whites on billboards, but deep down you secretly wish that you had teeth like theirs. Keeping your teeth white and health is not a daunting task, and neither does it require you to break your bank account. All you need is to get the basics of oral hygiene right, combine them with a few of the tips I will enumerate here, and voila, those models might just start envying you .

Review your diet There is no shortcut to this. You simply have to watch what you eat and drink. Cut down on the intake of soda and other fizzy drinks. These drinks contain phosphoric as well as citric acid that erode away the enamel, the outer coating of the teeth. Stay away from foods and drinks that stain your teeth like black tea, dark juices and even red wine. Kick smoking to the curb. Cigarettes contain an alkaloid known as nicotine and tar that in addition to staining your teeth create a bacterial-friendly micro environment in the mouth. Cut down on your sugar intake. This is because sugar is used as a metabolic substrate by bacteria resident in the mouth, leading to the erosion of the enamel by bacterial metabolic products.

Brush! Brush! Brush!Brush as many times as you can, but most importantly, ensure you do after meals. The brushing technique is also very important. According to experts the brush should be place 45 degrees to the gums and brushing done in gentle circular motions. Ensure that you do not over-scrub the gum as the oral mucous is very sensitive to abrasion by the toothbrush bristles. In addition, you can also use a tongue scrapper to eliminate tongue plaque, which promotes bacterial growth within the mouth. One word you should not forget…Floss!Perfect your flossing skills so that you can be able to do it anywhere without the need for a mirror. Flossing aids in getting rid of inter-dental teeth. Floss along the lining of your gum and between your teeth, and let flossing precede brushing. However, ensure that you exercise caution during flossing so as not to hurt your gums. Keep in mind you can use inter-dental brushes as well to achieve the same effect of flossing .

No, I did not forget mouthwash Dentists have recommended the gargling of mouthwash to eliminate oral bacteria, and as such retarding the breakdown of enamel. All you need to ensure is that you get a mouthwash of good quality. Many tooth experts recommends that a fluoride mouthwash due to the fact that fluoride fortifies the teeth and retards the formation of cavities. She also cautions some mouthwashes may cause tooth-staining; therefore expert opinion should be sought before adoption of a daily mouthwash. An alternative to mouthwash is a saline solution, or a lemon juice and salt concoction.

Use of mild whitening agents and natural products You can alternatively look for whitening toothpastes that aid not only in removing tooth stains, but also contain micro-abrasive components that whiten teeth. Baking soda can also be used to whiten teeth. Whitening agents that contain peroxide can also be used to keep your teeth looking young, healthy and whiter. However, seek the advice of your dentist before adoption of these agents.

In conclusion, ensure that you visit your dentist regularly, and that you maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Teeth stain naturally with age, due to natural erosion of enamel and exposure of the dentine layer, but this not a death sentence. Follow the tips above and you will have your teeth looking whiter, younger and healthier again.