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How does laser teeth whitening work?
Using safe whitening gel and a low powered light which will gently remove stains from the teeth without damaging any of the teeth’s surfaces or enamel. This provides very fast, instant results which lasts up to 24 months.


Do the treatment cause any damage?
No, the gel and process used in teeth whitening is completely safe and will do no damage at all to your teeth or gums.


How long does it take?
With the consultation and treatment it takes 90 minutes in total.
What happens if I am not suitable?
This does not happen very often but we reserve the right not to treat customers if they are not suitable or require dental work prior to the whitening.


I smoke will this matter?
Many of our customers are smokers and this makes little difference. With good dental hygiene and having your teeth whitened every 18-24 months you can still enjoy a whiter smile.


Should I change my diet after whitening?
It is not our job to advice customers on changing their diet which could lead to darker teeth colour. We believe the best approach is a combination of sensible diets, good dental hygiene and having your teeth whitened as regular as you need. This way you maintain a healthy lifestyle and whiter teeth!


Is the treatment safe?
Tooth whitening pro would no undertake treatments if the service was not safe and certainly our insurance company would offer us cover. Laser teeth whitening is undertaken across the UK by many dentists under their own brand or Zoom whitening.


Will I suffer any pain during or after treatment?
We try and ensure that customers experience zero sensitivity but you might feel some sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment.


Will it work on Dentures?
Normally it brightens them back to their former colour when fitted originally.


Will it whiten fillings or veneers?
It will only whiten them back to their former colour when originally fitted to the teeth.


How Do I know it will work for me?
We will show you before we start how white your are currently and can show you on the VITA shade guide how white they will change after the treatment.


How long should it last?
This will be different for everyone as things like diets, dental hygiene and porosity of the teeth are a big factor. Generally the results should last 18-24 months.


Will the teeth be too bright?
We agree with you before we start how white the teeth will change and therefore its not possible you will shocked or disappointed with the results.


I am over 55 can I have it done?
Yes and it will work for you. As we age the teeth get darker and having them whitened can make you look younger and give you more self confidence.


What the difference between Tooth Whitening Pros and bleaching trays?
Both system will whiten the teeth but one takes one hour and the requires you sleep in the trays for around 10-14 days and some people might not feel that is possible so laser is their preferred method.


If I have done whitening before does that matter?
No it makes no difference if you have done some whitening before it will still work fine.


I lack self confidence will this help me?
Yes it will as having a whiter smile will only enhance your self confidence.


I need to goto the dentist should I wait?
Yes its best to get a check up first before whitening.


How often can I have the treatment done?
Most customers will need a top up treatment every 18-24 months to refresh the smile.


Who performs the whitening treatments?
Our fully insured and trained professionals offer the highest standard in whitening but we are not dentists and do not offer any other dental treatment other than laser teeth whitening.


I am pregnant can I have my teeth whitened?
No we cannot undertake any whitening during pregnancy.


I fear dentists will this matter?
What we do is very simple and requires no injections and we are people friendly recognising customers don’t always like dentists.


I am looking to get some dental work done – Should I wait what best?
We believe its best to get the teeth whitened first and then match the preceding colour of the fillings, veneers, crowns or implants will then match newer cleaner colour. If do the whitening after the dental work then you are limited to the colour that get matched to the replacement teeth.


Is there any changes needed after the whitening?
Yes for 24-48 you need to avoid anything that could potentially re-stain your teeth. We have a guide here to help you.


What about dental hygiene?
Yes having good dental hygiene will help keep the results for longer. Ideally electric toothbrush, flossing and seeing the hygienist twice per year will help keep the teeth whiter for longer.


How do you know if it will work for me?
We are so confident it will work we show you in advance of the treatment how white the teeth will change once the procedure is completed.


When is the best time to have my teeth whitened?
There is no right and wrong time or age just when you want a whiter smile and you have become aware your smile is not as bright as it used to look!


What is the minimum age?
18years of age is the minimum we will undertake a treatment.

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I wanted to surprise everybody on my birthday, thanks to tooth whitening pros I got crystal white teeth and everybody that came to party was amazed to see my new smile.


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I got clean and white teeth in just one hour at Tooth whitening pros. I also didn’t believe it when I heard about it first but after getting the treatment, I feel great.



Well, I had been trying all the conventional methods of teeth whitening, but was afraid to try laser techniques, mainly because of the money factor. Tooth whitening pros clinic surely changed my viewpoint. Best services at affordable prices.

– Trevor

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